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4th Edition Launch Weekend
11 - 12 March 2017
Join the Battlefront Team for the weekend on the Flames Of War website as we celebrate the global launch of 4th Edition and the return to Mid War and the Desert.   
Desert Rats  Afrika Korps
4th Edition Launch Weekend

The weekend will be packed full of content and information including:

an epic Battle Report featuring the Desert Rats facing off against the Afrika Korps.

• a series of painting and hobby videos featuring the new range of miniatures for the British and Germans.

• coverage of the in-store action from around the world as players get their first chance to check out 4th Edition.

• behind the scenes footage from the New Zealand, USA, and UK offices.

• the updated Boot Camp series of videos to help you get straight into 4th Edition

• and much, much more!

Visit the 4th Edition News and Information landing page here...

Thank You
with John-Paul
With less than three weeks to go until 4th Edition officially launches, I would like to thank all of you for giving us something we have never managed to achieve before today. Our entire first wave of stock for 4th Edition is 100% sold out.

Thank You...

Thank You
Sample 4th Edition Mid-War Army Lists Sample 4th Edition Mid-War Army Lists
With the new edition of Flames Of War come some changes to way you choose the unique combination of troops and equipment which will make up your army.

Below are just a few examples of the range of army lists you might take from the first two Mid War army books, Desert Rats and Afrika Korps.

Sample 4th Edition Mid-War Army Lists... 

Desert Rats Design Notes
The Desert Rats are the only thing standing in the way of Axis conquest of North Africa. Despite suffering repeated defeats at the hands of Rommel’s Afrika Korps, they remain undaunted. Their speedy Crusader and Honey tanks can run circles around their opposition, backed up by the heavier Grant squadrons. Their motorised infantry are equally adept in attack or defence. With support from the Royal Artillery and the Desert Air Force, they are a formidable and versatile force.

Desert Rats Design Notes...

Desert Rats Design Notes 
Afrika Korps Design Notes

Afrika Korps Design Notes
The German Afrika Korps is a hard-fighting force of tough veteran troops who have won many battles and expect to win many more. Their Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks outclass the British tanks they face, and have been steadily upgraded to maintain their edge over the opposition. Their infantry are organised to have ‘few men, many weapons’, so they pack a ferocious punch whether facing infantry or tanks. These are backed by the famous ‘88’ dual-purpose anti-tank/anti-aircraft gun and the Stuka dive bomber.

Afrika Korps Design Notes...

A Grognard's Guide to Version Phwoar: Part One
The new rules are refreshing. They provide an entirely new style and feel for the game I’ve played for the last 14 years. The core statistics seem familiar but the subtle changes to the rule mechanics mean the key elements of force projection interact differently. It still feels like World War Two, but the games have a faster flow and sweep majestically over the dining table battlefield.

A Grognard's Guide to Version Phwoar: Part One...
A Grognard's Guide to Version Phwoar
4th Edition Launch Events in North America 4th Edition Launch Events Around The World!
On 11 - 12 March 2017, the 4th Edition of Flames Of War is officially launched. To celebrate, stores across the world are hosting events so Flames Of War enthusiasts can immediately sink their teeth into the latest version of Flames Of War.

4th Edition Launch Events in North America...
4th Edition Launch Events in Europe and the UK...
Iron Maiden Scenarios
Iron Maiden includes two scenarios; Covering Force and The Defence of Shellerten. How you can play a third scenario covering the defence of the Bridge at Heinde. There is also  an extended scenario that combines all three scenarios into a mini-campaign, Call Sign Charlie.

Iron Maiden Scenarios...
Iron Maiden Scenarios

The Sands of El Alamein  Beasts of War
The Sands of El Alamein
Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp: Part Two
The team at Beasts Of War begin gearing up for their 4th Edition Flames Of War Boot Camp by taking a closer look at the historic events leading up to the Battle of El Alamein.

The Sands of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp - Part Two...
Breakthrough Assault
V4 – The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Mark from Breakthrough Assault gives his take on the new version and what it means for players and the games future.

Breakthrough Assault: V4 – The King is Dead, Long Live the King...
V4 – The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Flames Of War Version 4: Interview with Phil

Behind Enemy Lines
Flames Of War Version 4: Interview with Phil
Greg and Dan from Behind Enemy Lines manage to track down Battlefront's own Phil Yates and ask him a few questions about the upcoming changes.

Behind Enemy Lines: Flames Of War Version 4 - Interview with Phil...

Fog of War
M1 Abrams Tank Platoon Box Set Review
Harry from Fog of War review the M1 Abrams Platoon box set for Team Yankee.

M1 Abram Tank Platoon Box Set Review...

M1 Abrams Tank Platoon Box Set Review

Team Yankee Mega Battle

Legions Games
Team Yankee Mega Battle

This game took place on 18 February at the store and was a trail run for a game being run at AdeptiCon 2017.

Legions Games: Team Yankee Mega Battle...

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Flames Of War Range Review

Flames Of War Range Review
with John-Paul

At the start of each year, we take the opportunity to review the entire Flames Of War range. The range is constantly growing, at the rate of around 240 codes per year, and needs constant management in order to present Flames Of War effectively in the limited space that stores have.

This year’s review is no different. Most of the changes will involve the retirement of box sets in favour of blister packs. This allows these miniatures to stay in the range while freeing up shelf space for faster-selling codes. Some codes have been retired permanently but, like in previous years, this is because newer versions are in the pipeline. This is why you won’t find any Mid-war desert codes at present; you will see the new replacement codes in the release schedule as the year unfolds.

~ John-Paul. 

2017 Tournament Objective
Otherworldly Sarcophagus
James provides some background and images of the brand new Tournament Objective for 2017. 

Players at the recent Nationals at Bane of War in Texas and CanCon in Sydney have already received this year's objective, and we hope it has found a welcome place in their collections.

2017 Tournament Objective: Otherworldly Sarcophagus...
2017 Tournament Objective Otherworldly Sarcophagus
Events at AdeptiCon 2017

Events at AdeptiCon 2017
held 23 - 26 March 2017 at Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, 1551 Thoreau Dr N, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA.

Hard to believe we have only seven weeks left before Adepticon in Chicago. We still have room left in most of our events, so join us for a weekend or day of fun. This year we are supporting all three games Battlefront / Gale Force 9 produce, so come out and show the flag, meet new people and shoot at them in honourable combat!

Events at AdeptiCon 2017...

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017
held 28 - 30 October 2017 at Battlefield Hobbies, 17 Brunel Close, Daventry NN11 8RB, Northamptonshire, England.

The Reluctant Conscripts, in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures, are proud to announce the 2017 edition of UK Grand Tournament for Flames Of War. The event will be a Late-war competition open to one and all and will be held at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry, the heart of England.

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017...
UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017
UK Team Yankee Grand Tournament 2017

UK Team Yankee Grand Tournament 2017
held 19 - 20 August 2017 at Sanctuary Gaming Centre, St. Michaels & All Angels Church, St. Michaels Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 4GP, England.

The Reluctant Conscripts, in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures, are proud to announce the 2017 edition of UK Grand Tournament for Team Yankee. The event is open to one and all and will be held at Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield, England.

UK Team Yankee Grand Tournament 2017...

Italian Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017
held 1 - 2 April 2017 at Play Festival Del Gioco, ModenaFiere, Viale Virgilio, 58, 41123 Modena MO, Italy.

The 2017 Italian Flames Of War Grand Tournament will be held at Play Festival Del Gioco in Modena, Italy. This event is part of the Italian Tournament Series for Flames Of War.

Italian Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017... 

Italian Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events? Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Mentioned in Despatches
The East German Volksarmee, or Peoples’ Army, has the reputation of being the most well-trained of all the Warsaw Pact armies. It has a high proportion of professional soldiers and is well-equipped.

Learn how to order the releases for Volksarmee here...

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Shifting Sands 2017...

WWPD: Unboxing The Volks Armee...

WWPD: After Action Report...

4th Edition Preview: New Paint Sets, Spray Cans, Token Sets and Gaming Aids...

Iron Cross: Barbarossa to Berlin - Part Two...

Upcoming Releases
Volksarmee, East Germans in World War III (FW908)

January Releases

Iron Maiden Special Order Plastics
Team Yankee US Dice Set (TUS900)
Team Yankee Soviet Dice Set (TSU900)
Team Yankee West German Dice Set (TGR900)
Team Yankee British Dice Set (TBR900)
BRDM-2 Recon Platoon (TSBX10)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Mot-Schützen Kompanie (TEBX02)
East German Mot-Schützen Heavy Weapons (TEG706)
T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (TEBX01)

February Releases

SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon (TSB12)
East German Mot-Schützen Platoon (TEG702)
Team Yankee East German Template (TAT05)
Team Yankee East German Token Set (TTK05)
Team Yankee East German Dice Set (TEG900)
Volksarmee Decal Sheet (TEGSO01)
Cobblestone Town Squares (BB212)

Gaming Mat (BB951)
Desert Basing Kit (CWP103)
Desert Palms (BB218)
Extra Large Dune (BB220)
Desert Escarpments (BB217)
Small Desert Houses (BB222)
Medium Desert House (BB215)
Desert Walls (BB225)

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