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Brown Water Navy Landing Page
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The waterways of the Mekong Delta are busy with sampans, merchants, villages, and farming communities. They are the life blood of South Vietnam, through which over half of the entire country’s rice flows. It is remote with few roads accessing the interior’s rice fields and jungles. The Việt Cộng have launched their liberation movement from within this formidable fortress.

However, the US Army and Navy have come together to create the Mobile Riverine Force, a joint operation of infantry and assault boats. They are reinforced with helicopter gunships, devastating Skyraider aircraft and more. This new force is ready to take the fight upriver. 

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No Senator's Son:
Brown Water Navy Design Notes
It’s hot and unbearably humid as the boats wander up the river. Each sailor and soldier is on high alert, fingers tensely pressed against  their weapons’ triggers as they scan the riverbanks for anything out of the ordinary. A small movement in the bush is all the warning the Brown Water Navy gets before a salvo of rocket-propelled grenades smashes into the convoy...

Mike Haught, the writer of Brown Water Navy, describes what you can expect to find in this latest expansion for Flames Of War Vietnam.

No Senator's Son: Brown Water Navy Design Notes...

Brown Water Navy
Pocket Guide to Vietnam

Pocket Guide to Vietnam

As the Vietnam era for Flames Of War expands, it has become increasingly important to consolidate all of the rules, arsenals, and missions into one reference book. The Pocket Guide to Vietnam is an effort to do just that. Most of these rules can be found in Tour Of Duty, but not all of them.

This book will allow you to get straight into the action without needing to refer to several books. All of the rules you need are there in the Pocket Guide and the main Flames Of War Rulebook

Pocket Guide to Vietnam...

Brown Water Navy Product Spotlights (Click on the product images below to learn more)
Kelley's Heroes (VUSBX11) Giap's Guerillas (VPABX13)
PBR (VUSBX12) Monitor (VUSBX13) ATC(H) (VUSBX14)
ASPB (VUSBX15) A4-E Skyhawk (VAC02) Navy SEALs (VUS782)
Local Resistance (VPABX12) Local Forces Anti-Air Company (VPA531)
Jungle Bushes (BB187) Mekong River Mat (FW903A) Damage Tokens (VE094)
Brown Water Navy Articles
Men With Green Faces

Men With Green Faces
The Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land) were known as the 'Men with Green Faces', owing to their camouflage face paint. We take a close-up look at the history and equipment of this elite unit, and give you a unique mission which lets you put their skills to the test.

Men With Green Faces...

Brown Water Ensigns
Adding Flags to Riverine Boats
A Star Spangled Banner fluttering above the drab earth tones of its surroundings is one of the most striking images of the Brown Water Navy. Mike Haught shows you how to add some extra colour to your riverine boats, using paper flags.

Brown Water Ensigns... 

Brown Water Ensigns
Pimp Your Jungle

Pimp Your Jungle
The Jungle Bushes (BB187) are made to give you great-looking riverside cover for your Mekong Delta battlefield, straight from the box. But if you have a little extra time, Mike Haught has some tips for adding visual appeal and realism.

Pimp Your Jungle...