Tank Marš 2017

Tank Marš 2017

Tank Marš 2017
held 27-28 May 2017 at the Park of Military History, Kolodvorska 51, SI-6257 Pivka, Slovenia.

A Flames Of War tournament in a tank museum? What more could you ask for? More of the same of course!

Tank Marš 2017 will be held at the Park of Military History in Pivka, Slovenia. Where else can enjoy playing the most popular World War Two miniatures game in the world surrounded by the actual vehicles that took part in the conflict?

Download a PDF information pack for Tank Marš 2017 here to learn more...
It will be 1625 points and open to all 3rd Edition Late-war lists (including those digitally available and official PDFs) using the 3rd Edition Flames Of War rules.
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Download a PDF event report from Tank Marš 2016 here...

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